We’re Turning 50!!!

Mr K's Charlotte 50th anniversary party SouthEndWe’re doing what most businesses in Charlotte – restaurants particularly – don’t get the chance to do. We’re celebrating our 50th anniversary… in the same spot, no less!

When we opened in 1967, the original Mr. K’s menu only had four items. Those items were hot dogs, potato chips, soda, and ice cream cones. For our 50th anniversary, we’re taking things back to day one.

On our anniversary, August 13th, we will be serving those four items only. But… we are giving them away for FREE! However, we are asking for a donation of $5.00 or more. Our anniversary party will be used to raise funds for the Levine Children’s Hospital and the Isabella Santos Foundation, so we kindly ask in lieu of paying for food, you make a generous donation.

As an incentive, if we get a $50.00 donation, we will give that person a Mr. K’s 50th anniversary commemorative T-shirt, as well as a $10.00 Mr. K’s gift card. If we get a $100.00 donation we will give two T-shirts and a $20.00 gift card.

We will also be selling our Mr K’s 50th anniversary commemorative T-shirts. A portion of those sales will go to the Levine Children’s Hospital, as well.

As the cherry on top, so to speak, local country music artist David Britt will play a live show that day from 11am to 2pm.

The fine print:

  • Limit one of each item per customer. No exceptions, and no picking up items for others. You must wait in line for your own order.
  • Only the original four menu items will be served that day. No grilled items. No burgers. No fries. No milkshakes. No sundaes. (You get the point.)
  • We will only be taking 1500 orders. Doors will open at 11am, and they will close when we’ve served this limited quantity.
  • No refills on drinks.

Hope to see you on August 13th!


  1. Can we pitch tents in the parking lot?

  2. Woot Papa La will be 50 and I have ALWAYS FOUND THE FOOD WORTH IT AND MORE.Everyone get out to Mr. Is it will so be worth it!!

  3. A. J. Steinberg

    July 31, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    Happy Birthday from your #1 fan in Texas!

  4. As an original customer and as a customer for the fifty years, congratulations. It doesn’t seem possible that Ted started Mr K’s 50 yrs ago. Thanks for all the good times and for making my kids and my grandkids seem like family! Hope to see you Sunday!!

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